CNC, 4th Axis & Conventional Machining specialist. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

About Us

Built on a tradition of more than 100 years of experience encompassing multiple generations, we are leaders in the engineering manufacturing industry. Our company started with railway engineering and flourished through the Second World War, and built on our experience with progress serving the coal mining and textile industries through the 1980s.

Today, we are proud to be the preferred supplier for many manufacturers from a wide variety of industries. Our expertise spans multiple industry groupings, and we specialize in in-house machining services and rely on a team of highly skilled engineers that enable us to consistently meet the precise and exact standards demanded by the industry today.

Our Services

We are at the forefront of engineering technology with up-to-date CNC machinery. Our skills, expertise, and equipment help ensure that we meet our customers’ requirements. We offer precision services to a huge number of industries, including turning, milling, computer-aided design, offline programming, and reverse engineering. Our experience and dedication to service mean we can deliver you turnaround times measured in days, not weeks, and we offer free quotes on all of our high-precision CNC services.







hole dril

Deep Hole Drilling


For generations and through the good times and bad we have served demanding industries with high-precision CNC services. We began as railway engineers and grew during the Second World War, eventually supplying the coal mining and textile industries. Today, our services bring value and satisfaction to a huge number of diverse companies, including those in the petrochemical, food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical, defense, aerospace, pharmaceutical, power generation and transmission, refrigeration, water, waste, and process industries.




Oil and Gas





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